Life as Energy: The Importance of Keeping Things Moving

Joshua Tree under the Milky Way

Life as Energy
Life isn’t simply about what we do. It is also about how we do it. All of it is energy. For example, when we practice Qigong, there is a huge difference when our mind is relaxed and clear than when our mind is distracted. We feel more energy. We feel the Qi sensations in the body. We become more aware of ourselves in the present moment — physically, mentally and spiritually. The exercises become more than just simple physical movements. They turn into waves of energy. It becomes a dance and a meditation that opens up your entire being.

The practice of Qigong in essence is about the cultivation and movement of energy. It is based on the premise that flowing water never spoils. When we keep our energy flowing smoothly through our body, we stay healthy. Similarly in other areas of your life, it is important to practice expressing your heart, using your creative energy, following your passions, utilizing your gifts/talents or otherwise working toward your purpose or mission. All of this is “qigong.”

In this Fall season, it is the perfect time to take stock of what types of qigong you are practicing in your life. It can be something simple like mindfully washing dishes to something more involved like working on a project you’ve put off for 5 years.

For me, one of my other qigong practices is photography. This is one way in which I am able to express my heart and share how I see the world. It is how I connect with the natural world, experience its beauty and power, and take in its wisdom. If you haven’t seen my photography work, please check out my photography website:

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