Acupuncture’s Molecular Effects Pinned Down

Acupuncture’s amazing for pain management of all kinds: headaches, musculoskeletal pain and even emotional pain. But the scientific community still has skeptics that are still unsure of the benefits of acupuncture because they don’t know how it works. Previous studies have already shown that acupuncture creates signals that cause the brain release endorphins — the body’s natural pain-killers. In this new study, scientists focused on adenosine. It is natural compound known for regulating sleep, for effects on the heart, and for its anti-inflammatory properties. After an injury, adenosine helps inhibit nerve signals and ease pain in a way similar to lidocaine but naturally. Link to the full article: Acupuncture’s Molecular Effects Pinned Down: New Insights Spur Effort to Boost Treatment’s Impact Significantly

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