Health and Wellness During the Summer Season

According to Chinese Medicine, your health and wellness is affected by the seasons. By learning to adapt to seasonal changes, you can make the best use of each season’s peaking energies. The summer season is related to the fire element and the organs of the Heart and Small Intestines. The Heart houses the spirit of […]

Class: How to Cook Traditional Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup – Jan. 24 in Silver Lake

How to Cook Traditional Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup A seasonal Chinese cooking class with Henry Jun Wah Lee, M.S. Oriental Medicine Class Highlights: Learn how to make healthy eating a normal and effortless part of your daily life. Enjoy a delicious bowl of Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup prepared by Henry. Participate in and see a […]

Top Produce You Should Buy Organic

Eating high quality food is important for your health. But if you are on a budget and want to save money, shop smart. Not all conventionally grown produce are harmful. The following is the list of foods you really should buy organic because they are highly contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides are not only harmful to […]

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