5 Simple Chinese Medicine Tips for Health


Tip#1: Smile. You’ll look younger, stay more positive, boost your immune system and relieve stress. It’s also contagious. In a good way.

Tip#2: Breathe. Breathing is essential to life but most of us take only very shallow breaths. Take a deep breath. Breathe into your belly, filling your belly then your lungs. It reduces stress, improves focus and concentration, strengthens the immune system and fuels energy production. Practice Qigong for more advanced breathing exercises.

Tip#3: Eat. In Chinese Medicine, food is medicine. It’s medicine you take many times each day. The daily choices you make on what you choose to put into your body will greatly impact your health. Eastern nutrition is perhaps the oldest, most developed, and complete system for healing with food.

Tip#4: Sleep. Sleep on a regular schedule. Our bodies operate on natural rhythms. Waking early and sleeping early will improve your quality of sleep and help you be more productive during your working hours. Getting enough sleep also balances your hormones and helps with stress, weight control, moods, heart health, memory, healthy aging and overall longevity.

Tip#5: Exercise. Take a holistic exercise class like Qigong or Tai chi that strengthens not only your body but also your mind and spirit. They may appear gentle on the surface but they are powerful exercises that have been refined over thousands of years. You can practice many of these exercises regardless of age or physical condition.

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