Medical Qigong Update – May 28

It is going to be Memorial day weekend and we will have class this Saturday in Venice. It will be a good way to balance your body before all the barbeque parties. If you are in town, come to class! Self-cultivation has no vacation days The more you can integrate it into your daily life, the stronger your practice will become.

In the beginner class, we are going to continue refining our practice of the first 4 exercises of the Golden 8. If you are new or still iffy about your practice, this is a great class to attend to catch up and spend some quality time with the forms. As a special bonus, we’re going to learn about practicing around different kinds of trees. Trees are all around us in nature and they can help us heal. Come learn about trees in Qigong and how you can find the right tree for you.

In the advanced class, it is going to be pure practice. It will be a full hour dedicated to the Rejuvenation series. Please bring your mat so we can do the last exercise. We may do some standing form and free form depending on who shows up. :)

See you this Saturday in Venice or Wednesday in Pasadena.

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