Advanced Medical Qigong – Rejuvenation Series

The Rejuvenation series starts Tuesday, July 20th in Pasadena and July 24th in Venice. RSVP on

In the Beginner class you learned the Golden Eight series of Medical Qigong. Daily practice of the Golden Eight works to clear all 12 primary meridians of the body to promote health. In the Golden Eight, each exercise targets one or two of the main meridians.

In the Rejuvenation series taught in the Advanced class, you will learn a more comprehensive approach for improving energy flow and balance in your body. These exercises are oriented to affecting the body as a holistic, organic unit through which universal energy flows. This set of exercises are especially relevant to holistic health practitioners or individuals who want to learn more advanced practices for self-cultivation, health and wellness.

The waves of energy flow in the Rejuvenation series pulse through all the meridians of the body. Thus this series not only continues clearing and amplifying the voltage of the 12 main meridians but it also targets the eight extraordinary channels that will be fundamental to your spiritual growth.

Wave-like motion in the body results in a healing emphasis on the spine, the central nervous system, all the internal organs, and the major joints. These motions also benefit the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, causing relaxtion and counteracting the negative effects of stress.

As most Westerners do not experience enough downward flow of energy in the body, this direction is emphasized in these exercises. The natural flow of energy in the body tends to be non-linear, so rounded or circular movements are also emphasized. Just as in Tai Chi, circular motions from side to side work to balance the yin and yang energies of the body, and continuous wavelike motion is encouraged to mobilize the Qi. Animal movement has a natural flow, and so you will see that some of the exercises draw from animal movements, such as those of the snake, frog and turtle.

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