Sept. 23 at 6:30pm – Eating Healthy for the Fall Season: A Holistic Foodie Event

Food is medicine you take three times a day. But healthy food doesn’t have to taste like medicine. Nor does it have to be something impossible for you to make! Join Holistic Chef Vicky Valencia and Chinese Medicine Physician Henry Jun Wah Lee, L.Ac. for an evening of food and learning that will stimulate not […]

Schedule for Week of August 30

Clinic Hours for Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture:

  • August 30: Pasadena 2pm to 8pm
  • August 31: Pasadena 8am to 2pm
  • Sept. 1: Pasadena 8am to 2pm
  • Sept. 2: Pasadena 2pm to 8pm
  • Sept. 3: Pasadena 8am to 6pm
  • Sept. 4: Venice 1pm to 7pm

Special Event:

  • Sept. 2: Pasadena – Intro to Chinese Taoist Face Reading – 6:30pm to 8pm


  • Sept. 1: Pasadena – Medical Qigong for Beginners – 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Sept. 1: Pasadena – Advanced Medical Qigong – 7:40pm to 9:10pm
  • Sept. 4: Venice – Medical Qigong for Beginners – 8:30am to 10am
  • Sept. 4: Venice – Advanced Medical Qigong – 10:15am to 11:45am

Click here for more information about my classes and to RSVP.

Free Lecture: Chinese Medicine for Stress Management

Chinese Medicine for Stress Management – Free Lecture – August 26 at 6:30pm Excessive stress can lead to headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and a weakened immune system. Stress can also cause premature aging, loss of energy and productivity, sexual dysfunction, cancer, diabetes and loss of memory. Chinese Medicine Physician […]

Tai Chi Reported to Ease Fibromyalgia

Mary Petersen, who has been suffering from Fibromyalgia, practicing tai chi on Nahant Beach, Mass., near her home. Credit: Jodi Hilton for The New York Times

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study on Thursday about the effectiveness of Tai Chi exercises as a therapy for fibromyalgia. The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi may be effective as a therapy for fibromyalgia, according to a study published on Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine. The patients who practiced Tai Chi for 12 weeks in the study did significantly better in measurements of pain, fatigue, physical functioning, sleeplessness and depression than a comparable group given stretching exercises and wellness education. Tai chi patients were also more likely to sustain improvement three months later.

Sept. 2 at 6:30pm – Introduction to Chinese Taoist Face Reading: Understanding and Using Your Deepest Gifts and Transforming Your Greatest Challenges

Your face is a mirror that records your past, reflects your present and forecasts your future. Each feature, shape, line, wrinkle, mole and marking tells a story about who you are. It reveals your life’s deepest gifts and greatest challenges. To know Chinese Face Reading is to know your true nature and the nature of […]

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