New Class: Introduction to Medical Qigong

I’ve added a new class, Introduction to Medical Qigong, for new comers and for those wanting additional instruction on the Golden Eight Medical Qigong exercises. They will be offered in Pasadena and in West Los Angeles. This Intro class is really just the early portion of the Medical Qigong for Beginners class when we were […]

Upcoming Events

June 23: Pasadena – Medical Qigong for Beginners – 6pm to 7pm

June 26: Venice – Medical Qigong for Beginners – 9am to 10am

June 26: Venice – Advanced Medical Qigong – 10am to 11am

New Medical Qigong Classes in Pasadena

I’m happy to announce new medical Qigong classes at my acupuncture office in Old Town Pasadena. Here are the details: Continue Reading …

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