New Class: Introduction to Medical Qigong

I’ve added a new class, Introduction to Medical Qigong, for new comers and for those wanting additional instruction on the Golden Eight Medical Qigong exercises. They will be offered in Pasadena and in West Los Angeles. This Intro class is really just the early portion of the Medical Qigong for Beginners class when we were focusing on learning each form. I realize there is a need for additional instruction time, especially for new comers so you don’t feel lost when joining my classes.

This is a 30 minute Intro class that starts before each Beginner Class. Each week we will focus on one of the eight exercises in the Golden Eight series. You’ll learn the form, the breathing, practice tips, and the health benefits. You can take this intro class and the beginner class together.

$5 per class or just $2 when you take it together with the Beginner Class.

What’s the Difference Between Intro, Beginner and Advanced Classes?

The Intro class is for those of you who are new or for those of you who just want more instruction in each of the forms. It covers the same Golden Eight exercises as in the Beginner class. The Intro class is more for learning. The Beginner class is more for practice.

The Beginner Class is more for group practice, refining movements, and getting deeper into the mental and spiritual aspects of the exercises. Learning the forms is just the first step. In order to access the full potential of each exercise, you need to practice. And practicing in a group environment allows you to progress faster and access the benefits easier than when you practice on your own. Come and see for yourself! :)

The Advanced Class is for those who have a background in Medical Qigong exercises with myself or with Master Hong Liu. While the Golden Eight Exercises in the Beginner Class works on opening the 12 Primary meridians of the body, we go deeper and work with the Eight extraordinary vessels in the Advanced Class. The movements tend to be more involved so I only recommend it to people who have already taken the Beginner class.

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