New Class: Introduction to Medical Qigong

I’ve added a new class, Introduction to Medical Qigong, for new comers and for those wanting additional instruction on the Golden Eight Medical Qigong exercises. They will be offered in Pasadena and in West Los Angeles. This Intro class is really just the early portion of the Medical Qigong for Beginners class when we were […]

Health and Wellness During the Summer Season

According to Chinese Medicine, your health and wellness is affected by the seasons. By learning to adapt to seasonal changes, you can make the best use of each season’s peaking energies. The summer season is related to the fire element and the organs of the Heart and Small Intestines. The Heart houses the spirit of […]

Medical Qigong for Kidneys and Adrenals

For this week’s Beginner Medical Qigong class I will be teaching the Golden Eight Exercise called Bending for Health. Bending for Health stimulates the Kidneys, the Urinary Bladder, and the Adrenal glands. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are very important for longevity, anti-aging and energy. More specifically this exercise benefits your teeth, hearing, urinary system […]

The Qi Gong Effect

An article and video from the Honolulu Advertiser: The Qi Gong Effect covers my teacher Master Hong’s Qigong classes in Hawaii. Continue Reading …

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