Celebrating Jenesse Center’s 30 years of service combating domestic violence

Physicians of Chinese Medicine are proud to support the Jenesse Center

Today we’re celebrating the Jenesse Center’s 30 years of service supporting families affected by domestic violence. For 2010, we are proud to help Jenesse add Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to the list of services they offer clients.

The devastating effects of domestic violence are not just physical. They are also mental and emotional. This is why we started the Jenesse Acupuncture Project.

Chinese medicine is a natural medicine that is effective in healing the body holistically — the body, mind and spirit together. We are able to treat Jenesse’s clients for physical ailments as well as help with stress, mental and emotional trauma, depression, addiction and much more.

I want to thank Karen Earl, Executive Director, Vida Spears, Board of Directors, and the entire staff at the Jenesse Center for their openness and willingness to work with us to offer Chinese Medicine to the community. I also want to thank my team of Acupuncturists and Physicians of Chinese Medicine, Nini Mai, L.Ac. and Kim Reid, L.Ac. for their tireless dedication to this project. Thank you for helping to make this project a reality.

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