Medical Qigong Update – June 4

Great news: this month we raised $200 for The Learning Garden! Part of your class fees are donated to this nonprofit community garden because I believe it is very important that we keep green community spaces like this open. They have been hosting my classes for years now and with the budget cuts, funds like this really help them out. So thank you for coming to my classes. You are not only doing something great for your health but you are also helping to sustain the Garden and making it a better community space for all of us.

For New Members:
Welcome new members! If you joined recently, please check out the Qigong page on my website: There’s good info on the page about the qigong forms I teach. There is also a video about the benefits of Qigong. Although the subject of the video covers seniors, these exercises are hugely beneficial for people of all ages — whether you are healing from a disease, maintaining health and wellness, or practicing for spiritual or personal development.

This Week in Qigong:
On Saturday in Venice we will be learning my favorite exercise in the Golden Eight series. The exercise is called “Twist and Release.” While it benefits the whole body and its circulation of energy, what’s special about this one is that it is great for stress. It allows for a tremendous release of anger. It can help lower blood pressure, balance the heart, and increase breathing capacity.

Due to a monthly gardening class, we will be practicing in the secondary space in the Northeastern part of the garden this week.

If you are coming for the advanced qigong class, please remember to bring your mat.

Thanks and see you soon!

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